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Encinitas Appliance Repair Service
We work to give your household appliances a second life
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On-site repairs
Our company provides customers with local repair of any complexity
No hidden prices
The service technician inspects your broken appliance and presents you with a thorough written estimate of all parts and labor needed.
Free visit of the master
No service call fee and free diagnostics in cases when we repair your appliance.
Service call fee
If you decide you don't need our help, you pay for the written estimate and transportation costs, which make up the service call fee.
About us
Experienced Household Appliance Repair Company
We are a team of certified technicians who have 30 years` experience in repairing household appliances from leading world brands. Our employees are constantly improving their skills and studying the design of new models of refrigerators, ovens, freezes, washers, dryers and other household appliances. Within 24 hours from the moment you called us, our masters will repair household appliances of any complexity. We use only original parts and provide 90 day warranty. We would also provide you with an upfront price quote before the work starts, meaning there will be no unpleasant surprises when it comes to the final bill.
Appliance Repair Services We Provide
We aim to provide quality repairs to help you prolong the useful life of your household appliances
What we repair
Household Appliance Rescuer
Fridge repair
The fridge is definitely a necessity in every kitchen but as every appliance over the time it may need some help to work properly. If your fridge doesn`t work, turn off from time to time or doesn`t cool, it`s a first sign of a malfunction. Our company has the best specialists who have a lot of experience in refrigeration repair and will be glad to help you. Over the years we fixed a lot of refrigerators of different makes and models, so we can surely say we know how to fix any of them.
If you do have some issues with your fridge, please contact us, and we will provide you with quick and trustworthy repair.
Freezer repair
Your freezer is one of the most important appliances at home. You store there not only meat, fish which can spoil quickly, but also fruit and vegetables which can lose their flavor after consistent defrosting and freezing. Our company offers professional freezer repair. We have worked with different brands over the years, so we can surely say we know how to quickly and reliably do our job. Our specialists are always provided with the best tools for diagnosing and fixing almost every model of freezers, so you can be sure that the work will be done properly.
We offer the same-day repair service, so all you have to do is contact us, choose suitable time, and the rest we will do for you.
Washer repair
When it comes to household necessities, the washer without any doubt is in top three. Eventually, every appliance you own is going to break down and need to be repaired. There can be situations when washer doesn`t turn on, doesn`t drain water or the most common malfunction is when the washer spin breaks down. That is when you need to contact our professionals for help. We will be glad to help you. Our company has an excellent qualified staff. These people have helped and ‘saved’ a lot of washing machines. They know the exact procedure and steps that need to be followed for your washer to start working again. So if you see any signs of your washer not working correctly, please, contact our company to get professional help.
Dryer repair
You take out your clothes from a dryer but it still wet? It seems something went wrong with your dryer. Dryer is a very complex appliance and it`s better to entrust the repair to professionals. Our company specializes in fixing dryers of any make and model, and we use only original parts and best equipment for even better result. we offer same-day repair service, so there is no time wasted. Our experts can diagnose the problem quickly and then repair your dryer fast and efficiently.
Do not wait for tomorrow! Contact our company and we will send an experienced technician to your place who will fix any kind of problem.
Dishwasher repair
Dishwashers came in to our routine life relatively not a very long time ago, but they surely took a solid place in our daily life. And it can really spoil your day if your dishwasher will not work properly. If your dishwasher doesn`t work, works improperly or doesn’t turn on at all, we are always happy to help you cope with this problem.
Our repairmen are always there for you. Our professionals can quickly and without any problems diagnose and fix the dishwasher. Our technicians come right to your place as soon as possible. They use only the best equipment and original parts when it comes to repairs and diagnostics. Contact our company, and we will make your dishwasher work properly again.
Range/Stove repair
If your range or stove stops working, it is necessary to call a repair company to run a diagnostic on your appliance and have it repaired. If you are having any kind of issues with your stove please contact us as soon as possible, and we will make sure that the problem is fixed correctly. We will get the job done straight away, by sending your way the best and most qualified specialists. By using the newest tools we sure can prolong the life of your appliance.
If you have problem with leaking gas, we recommend you first contact a gas company and then us. In case you require mechanical repair, contact us and we will schedule an appointment. By choosing us, you will get a high-quality repair service as fast as possible and you will be provided with a parts and labor warranty.
Oven repair
Various factors can affect the accuracy of oven work: improper installation of an electric oven, violation of operating conditions, wear and tear. Our company has been in this business for 30 years, so when it comes to fixing kitchen appliances we practically know everything. To perform the repair job even better we use the newest and the best tools for repairs. All of our specialists have at least 5 years of experience in this field.
All the work will be completed on previously agreed schedule; we make sure you won’t waste your time. Contact us to book an appointment and we will make sure your kitchen technique will be working for a long time!
Wine cooler repair
Your collection requires special storage conditions and a violation of the temperature regime can affect the taste and aroma of the wine. If your wine cooler fails to work properly you can always contact our professionals for quick and reliable repair. It is important to do the work as soon as possible to avoid any complications or problems with the cooler itself. Our experienced technicians repair all makes and models of wine coolers and we can assure you that the job will be done without any complications.
Reach out to us if you were faced with some concerns about your wine cooler working properly, and we will be glad to fix it fast and efficiently.
Appliance brands we Service
Appliance Repair experts service all major brands of household appliances:
Why Us?
The Benefits of Hiring our Repair Company
30 years of experience
We have experience in repairing all brands and of any complexity, which gives us the opportunity to quickly and efficiently carry out repairs
Reasonable prices
We always have a transparent pricing policy and the client always knows the price before the start of the repair.
Same-day repair
Our experience and the number of employees allows us to repair household appliances on the same day
Right at your place
You do not need to carry or pay for the delivery an appliance to the workshop, we will do everything at your home or workplace.
We provide 90 days warranty for our work and replaced parts.
Scheduling flexibility
Our technicians are always available to repair your appliance at your convenience.
What they say about us?
I would like to express my gratitude to the service center for their professionalism and responsibility in carrying out repairs and maintenance of equipment. I have been using the services of this company for several years now and every time I was 100% satisfied! I had my refrigerator repaired. Thanks to their friendly team and experienced repairmen, the appliance still works! Thank you for your work and great service!
MIKE bitov
Towards the end of the day, I called this repair company about repairing my Bosch dishwasher, which I had deteriorated. They told me the time for which the master could be, and we scheduled an appointment. The next day the master came in time. We had to order the parts, but they arrived within couple days. The dishwasher was repaired within a week and is now working normally. I was pleased with the service.
tim burrton
I contacted the service center for the repair of the Samsung refrigerator which periodically defrosted, called the dispatcher and booked an appointment. 3 hours later, a technician arrived and fixed everything. There work attentive staff which provides wonderful service. I am absolutely satisfied and recommend this service center to everyone!